Risk Management Department

Risk Management

The Risk Management Department is responsible for creating, implementing, and administering a comprehensive risk and safety management program with the highest concern and regard for the employee and the general public’s safety.  Another priority is the security of financial assets and reducing losses associated with damage to property and equipment.  The Risk Management’s mantra

 is: If it’s predicable – it’s preventable.

Some of the key functions of the Risk Management Department are:

Life Safety

Maintaining a healthy and safe working staff, combined with a safe working environment, boosts employee morale, increases productivity, reduces absences, encourages less employee turnover, and improves their quality of work.  Working safely is extremely important in reducing workers’ compensation claims, thus reducing insurance premiums.  City of Clinton administration and management are committed to their employees returning home to their families and friends in a safe and healthy condition on a daily basis.  Providing proper personal protective equipment, complying with all safety guidelines and policies, and frequent training is a key part of keeping safety as the number one concern of our employees.  The city’s safety mantra is Think Safe. Work Safe. Live Safe

Equipment and Property Risk Management

Another Risk Management Department responsibility is to identify, assess, control, and minimize unacceptable risk of loss to equipment and property, not only owned by the City of Clinton, but also the private property of its citizens.  The Risk Management Department works closely with equipment and property insurers to create the best policies and strategies of coverage at the lowest possible premiums.  This is accomplished by utilizing operating processes, policies, and procedures that have been safety tried and tested.  Other methods of risk management include purchasedrisk assumption, risk avoidance, limited risk retention, risk transfer, or a combination of risk management strategies and techniques to assist in the proper management of future predicable events.

Legal Compliance

The Risk Management Department also ensures the city operates in full compliance with all OSHA, EPA, DHEC and other federal and state regulations with regards to worker safety, environmental safety, and professional liability.  Additionally, the Risk Management Department assists in contractual review and handles all claims made against the city.  The Risk Management Department works closely with training specialists, SC OSHA, its insurers, attorneys and legal experts to ensure the city’s employees, equipment, property, and finances are adequately protected with risk management and employment practices that are current, effective, and within the law. 

Record Keeping

Proper record keeping and record retention is important to maintaining accurate records on city employees’ workers’ compensation claims and other property and professional liability incidents.  These records assist in employee claim management, legal claims, as well as statistical analysis for improving the Risk Management Department’s risk and safety management strategies.