The City is fortunate that only a small percentage of all calls for service of the Clinton Fire Department involve active fires.  When fires do occur, our department is ready!  Our personnel log more than 8,000 hours of Fire and Rescue training per year.  The City has active automatic and mutual aid agreements with Joanna, Sandy Springs and Renno Fire Departments as well as a mutual aid agreement with Laurens County Fire Service. CFD is ready to respond!


Click here to learn about our Fire Apparatus and Support Vehicles.


Rescue and Emergency Medical Services


The Clinton Fire Department prides itself on its system for vehicle accidents as well as emergency medical service calls.  Our firefighters use the most current evidence-based recommendations set by the American Heart Association for treating acute myocardial infarctions (heart attacks), sudden cardiac death and stroke care. 

All CFD emergency response vehicles are first responder units.  A CFD fire unit may respond to your medical calls in addition to an ambulance to assist with medical care.

  • CFD units are staffed with two or more firefighters with EMR certifications.
  • CFD units 1203 and 1205 carry the same medical equipment.
  • The closest available, and most appropriate units, will be dispatched to your emergency call.
  • Engines, trucks and squad are the only units capable of responding to a fire call.
  • Most minor EMS responses will be handled by an ambulance only.
  • More serious emergencies, calls located on high traffic roadways, or traffic accidents, will receive a CFD unit to assist with patient care.
  • Additional resources may be requested once the first units arrive on scene.


CFD apparatus are also equipped with rope rescue equipment for low-angle rescues, extrication equipment for motor vehicle accidents and gas monitors for gas leaks. To see CFD support vehicles, click here.


Emergency Response Call Types:

  • Structure Fires
  • Wildland Fires
  • Gas Leaks/Odors
  • Motor Vehicle Crashes
  • Fire Alarm Activations
  • Emergency Medical
  • Hazardous Materials
  • And more…  


Operations of the department are overseen by the Assistant Fire Chief. Each shift at Clinton Fire Department is lead by a shift captain to ensure the proper supervision and activation of emergency crews. Clinton Fire Department also relies on part-time firefighters to increase our availability and response throughout the district.