The Fire Marshal's Office (FMO) exists to prevent loss of life, injuries and property due to fire. This is achieved through three basic methods of fire prevention: education, engineering and enforcement. 


New Construction Inspections

The Fire Marshal's Office conducts plan reviews and conducts construction inspections of new developments and commercial buildings, including renovations and remodels of existing buildings. Reviews are also made of significant modifications to fire protection systems (fire sprinklers, fire alarms, cooking suppression, etc).


Existing Building Regulations

The Fire Marshal's Office is also responsible for conducting inspections of existing buildings and structures to educate owners and/or staff regarding various fire hazards and to identify fire code violations so they can be corrected, thereby reducing the risk of a fire. Detailed records are kept to help identify trends that may require special attention to help mitigate future incidents. The Clinton Fire Department utilizes a process known as “pre fire planning and inspection” to help increase safety when an incident arises within our jurisdiction. To fill out a Pre-Fire Plan Business Information Form click here.


Fire Watch 

Whenever a fire protection system (fire alarm, fire sprinkler, etc.) is taken out of service for maintenance or repairs, or is otherwise compromised due to damage and unable to function as intended, a “fire watch” must be put in place.  


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