Power Outage Information

If you are without power, please check the breakers or fuses in your service panel. If no problems are found, call 833.7520 or 833.7512 to report the outage.

Stay away from downed trees or lines and call to report! 

Normal Procedures for Power Restoration

Once it has been determined that conditions are safe for personnel, the process of restoring power will begin.

Below are the steps NORMALLY taken in the restoration process in order to achieve the most efficient restoration of electrical services. Please keep in mind restoring power to essential services such as water, medical, food, and transportation resources is priority in a wide spread outage situation.

Step 1 - Substations: Following a severe weather event that results in loss of power, City Electrical personnel will inspect our substations for possible damage. If damage has occurred, repairs to the substation will result in our ability to restore power to the largest number of customers in the shortest amount of time.

Step 2 - Distribution Lines: Our distribution lines bring power from the substations to the homes and businesses that we serve. After power is restored to these feeders, most of the customers along these circuits should have their service restored. Please remember that this is not always the case. If your neighbor has power but you are still without service, you may have damage to the transformer, service line, etc. that serves your home. You may also be fed from a different distribution line.

Step 3 - Tap lines: Tap lines carry power from the main distribution lines into outlying areas. Some of these tap lines serve many customers and some just a few. Tap lines are the last of the high voltage feeder lines to be repaired.

Step 4 - Service Lines: Repairing damaged service lines feeding individual homes is done after all high voltage lines have been repaired. City Electrical personnel will repair or replace the damaged facilities owned by the City that are necessary to serve your home or business.

City personnel cannot repair or replace the meter base installation/attachment at your home or business. The property owner is responsible for this repair. Please contact the Building Inspections office at 864-833-7517 for assistance and information about licensed electricians that can assist you with this.

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