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Fire Chief

Jeremy Marshall

The Office of the Fire Chief is the Administrative Head of the Fire Department. It is the responsibility of the department's Administrative group to guide the Department in both daily and long term operations.

The administrative staff consists of the Fire Chief, the Assistant Fire Chief, and the Fire Marshal/Administrative Coordinator. Planning and coordination of fire defenses is the primary goal of the Administrative Staff.

Assistant Fire Chief

Toby Barrett

The Assistant Fire Chief is responsible for assisting the Administrative Division and assist the Captains in the daily operations of the Department. The Assistant Fire Chief supervises a wide variety of operations. Among the many responsibilities is the management of shift operations, the department's data management system, and is responsible for Recruit Training, In-Service Training, fire ground and equipment safety. 


The Assistant Fire Chief answers directly to the Fire Chief.


Fire Marshal / Emergency Management Director / PIO

Donya Langston

The Fire Marshal/Emergency Management Director answers directly to the Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief. The Fire Marshal/Administrative Coordinator is responsible for administrative duties for the department, Community Risk Reduction, Fire and Life Safety Education Presentations, the Inspection and Code Enforcement processes, disseminating public information to the community (PIO), preparing press releases for the media, and firefighting duties as needed. The Emergency Management Director is responsible for the overall planning and activities of Emergency Management.



Boyd Taylor - A Shift

Ryan Garrett - B ShiftSenior Captain

Will Sickles - C Shift 

The Shift Captains run the day to day operations of the department. In the absence of the Shift Captain, the Lieutenant will run daily operations. The Captains work under the guidance of the Assistant Fire Chief and department policies.



Josh Howell - A Shift

Kenny Robertson - B Shift

Clay Ward - C Shift 

The Lieutenant's responsibilities are the same as a Firefighter Engineer's but includes the responsibilities of shift training, along with fire suppression, and answers directly to the Shift Captain. The Lieutenant is a commanding officer in the absence of the Shift Captain. 


Scott Haney - A Shift

Noah Bailey - B Shift

Vacant - C Shift

A Engineer is assigned the same primary role as a firefighter but includes aerial and pump operations. Engineers are responsible for the maintenance of firefighting vehicles, such as fire engines, that transport firefighters, carry equipment and pump water at fire scenes. They make sure that the vehicle is clean and running efficiently, the gas tank contains enough fuel and all systems are working. The Engineer answers to the Lieutenant and/or Shift Captain.


Nathan Hall - A Shift

John Michael Lapomarda - B Shift

Gavin Miller - C Shift

Richard Temple - C Shift

The primary role of a firefighter is to protect life and property, in that order. Each member of the Department is a certified firefighter.  Fire Department personnel respond to any emergency situation, including, but not limited to: fires, medical emergencies, motor vehicle collisions, weather related emergencies, etc. The Firefighter answers to the Lieutenant and/or Shift Captain.