Human Resources Department

Human Resources

The City of Clinton is a great place to live, play and work. Our team of dedicated professionals strives to provide quality customer service and unparalleled community services to our residents. If you are dedicated to serving the community, can meet any challenge, and desire to work in a fast paced environment, please consider joining our team.

Human Resources is part of the Division of Risk Management & Human Resources which is a unit of the Office of the City Manager.

The Human Resource Division has many responsibilities.  Some of the key functions of the Human Resource Division are:

Staff Recruitment

Maintaining a qualified staff is essential to the effective and efficient day to day operations of the city.  The Human Resource Division is responsible for all facets of the hiring process from announcing position vacancies to the selected applicant reporting to work. This turn-key process is made possible by the ongoing development of strategic solutions to meet workforce demands while also monitoring current and emerging labor force trends.

Legal Compliance

Another responsibility of the Human Resource Division is to ensure the city operates in full compliance with all federal and state employment practice and labor laws.  Because we are a public entity, much of the city’s legal requirements in governing employment are quite different than that of private companies. The Human Resource Division works closely with the office of the city manager, labor attorneys, and other human resource professionals to ensure the Division’s policies and procedures operates within the law and uses current best practices.   

Record Keeping

Proper record keeping and record retention is important to maintaining accurate personnel, medical, training, and other related files on city employees.  These records assist in employee relations, legal inquiries, as well as statistical analysis of important employment practices for improving the Human Resource Division’s policies and procedures.

Human Resource Polices

The Human Resources Division is also responsible for publishing and maintaining an Employee Handbook that outlines both general and specific operational and employment guidelines and policies of the city. The Employee Handbook sets forth policies and guidelines on such topics as organizational structure, benefits, employee conduct expectations, payroll and leave polices, as well as many other facets of city human resource management.

Employee Relations

Another necessary function of the Human Resource Division is managing employee relations.  From interpreting human resource policies to investigating and managing a complaint, dispute, or misunderstanding between employees or between employees and a supervisor, it is the human resource Division that assists other senior staff members in mitigating and bringing any such issues to resolution. 

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