Code Enforcement

The IPMC (International Property Maintenance Code) has been adopted by the City and is used as the basis for the City's Property Maintenance Codes.

The City's goal is to encourage both property owners and tenants to voluntarily correct violations when a violation is reported or has occurred.  Potential violations are inspected through a process of inspection, notification, education, and notices with the owner or tenant ultimately being responsible for violation corrections.  Should violations occur, the owner/tenant is given the opportunity to resolve the issue before legal action is taken. 

The Office of Code Enforcement ensures compliance to the City of Clinton Code of Ordinances. 

The Code Enforcement Officer responds and investigates complaints and nuisances which may violate the City's Code of Ordinances including the City's Zoning Ordinance. Additionally, the Code Enforcement Officer enforces compliance to the City's Business License Ordinance and Hospitality/Accommodations Tax Collections.

Below you will find the most common complaints we receive from citizens and how to be in compliance with our code:

Weeds, grass undergrowth and other such plants, except ornamental plants and trees within the City of Clinton must be kept less than 12 inches in height.

Vehicles kept within the City of Clinton must have a current license tag or must be stored within an enclosed structure or screened from the public street serving the property.

Yards must be kept free of the accumulation of rubbish.


 City of Clinton Code of Ordinances