Human Resources and Risk Management Department Overview

Human Resources and Risk Management, is part of the Office of the City Manager. 

The Human Resources department strives to provide an equal opportunity for employment and advancement to the most highly qualified recruits and current employees through comprehensive screening processes, competitive pay structure, and employee benefits that meet or exceed requirements of state and federal labor laws and are consistent with established employment practice law.

We are committed to furnishing each city employee a place of employment that is free from recognized hazards through compliance with all OSHA regulatory mandates, personnel training, and continuous evaluation of the employee safety program; therefore, personnel in the Risk Management Department are charged with the responsibility for the preservation of assets, both physical and human by identifying, evaluating, and controlling loss exposures faced by the City of Clinton. The Risk Management Department  seeks to reduce workers’ compensation claims, reduce damage to city assets and private property, and reduce premiums for workers’ compensation and property/liability insurance coverage.

Robin Entrekin is the Director of Human Resources and Risk Management.

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