Boards and Commissions

City Council appoints qualified individuals from our community to serve on boards and commissions that provide oversight and direction over certain city divisions and functions. Those boards and commissions include:

Board of Zoning Appeals


The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) has the authority to make final administrative decisions for the local government concerning the zoning ordinance. The Board of Zoning Appeals’ powers are limited to determining appeals from the administrative decisions made by the zoning administrator, granting or denying applications for variances, and granting or denying applications for special exceptions. It is the exclusive responsibility and power of the BZA t hear and decide on cases where it is alleged that the Zoning Administrator erred in the enforcement or implementation of the zoning ordinance. The BZA can also hear and decide on requests for variances or special exceptions from the zoning ordinance when the strict interpretation or enforcement of the zoning ordinance would create an unnecessary hardship. Decisions of the BZA may be appealed to circuit court.  The BZA meets every third Tuesday of the month unless otherwise specified and there is no business before the board.  

Design Review Board


The Design Review Board is responsible for the implementation of the City of Clinton Design Review Ordinance. The Design Review Board is charged with protecting the architectural appearance of the city and as such reviews and approves plans for signs, colors, building construction, façade changes, and demolition in the historic district.  The Design Review Board meets every third Thursday of the month unless otherwise specified and if there is no business before the board. 

Planning Commission


The purpose of the Planning Commission is to engage in planning programs for the physical, social, and economic growth and development of the area within its jurisdiction. The Planning Commission is responsible for the preparation and periodical revision of the comprehensive plan as prescribed by state law, and for the implementation of the comprehensive plan by preparing and recommending measures to city council including zoning ordinances, regulations regarding the subdivision of land, the official zoning map, landscaping ordinances, capital improvement programs, and other policies and procedures needed to ensure the proper implementation of the comprehensive plan. The day to day management of the planning functions is handled by the Zoning Administrator for the city.  The Planning Commission meets every second Tuesday of the month unless otherwise specified and if there is no business before the board.

Tree Commission


The Tree Commission was created to address care and maintenance of public trees, to address how the City addresses trees on private property, and to fulfill a requirement of Tree City USA status.