Streets & Sanitation

The Streets and Sanitation Division is responsible for the maintenance of streets and sidewalks, recycling, and the sanitation and garbage pick-up services.

The following items can be placed on the curb for disposal by city sanitation crews.

All items should be separated from each other

Household Garbage: All household garbage must be placed in the city approved garbage can for pick up. Garbage not placed in the can will not be picked up. 

Limbs:  Residential limbs and brush may be placed on the curb for pickup. Limbs and brush cleared by a commercial landscaping service must be removed by the commercial landscaper. 

Grass and Leaves:  Grass and leaves may be piled on the curb for pick up. Do not bag grass and leaves, and do not mix grass and leaves with other items such as limbs and brush, or man-made items as this will damage the machine. 

Furniture, etc.: Man-made items may be placed on the curb for pickup and should be separated from other items. 

Paint: Please fill paint cans with sand or other absorbent materials such as kitty litter, replace the lids, and place them on the curb for pickup. 

Construction Debris: The City of Clinton will pick up construction debris for a fee. For more information contact the Division Manager of this department, Jesse Ricketts, via email or by calling 864-200-4554.

Recycling: Citizens may carry their recyclables to the Gary Street Recycling Center. We accept clear, brown and blue glass. Additionally, we accept cardboard, plastics, aluminum cans, and mixed paper. We do not accept household garbage, batteries or fluorescent light bulbs at the recycle center.

*Garbage Pick-up Exception Service: The City of Clinton is pleased to provide this service to assist those residents who, due to age and/or disability, cannot bring their garbage to the curb for collection.  If you have someone living in your home, or that does maintenance work for you that can bring your cart to the curb, please have them do so.  This service is limited to those who do not have any other way of getting their carts to the curb each week.  To ensure those who are truly in need of this service continue to receive it, we ask that your physician complete and return this form to our office.